Record Players vs Digital Players

modern turntableWhat is a record player? How exactly does the sound quality compare to that of a modern digital player today? Well, to understand that, you’d have to first learn what dynamic range is. Dynamic range is essentially the magnitude or as some like to call it ‘difference’ between the highest and lowest range of sound that a particular device is capable of emitting. Because each vinyl record’s grooves have different sizes in order to produce different music, you are essentially limited by that particular record’s dynamic range. A digital media file isn’t restricted by such physical limitations.

Arguably though, record players are convenient in the sense that you can plug in a USB into it and still play songs on these devices. Some may argue that it defeats the purpose of acquiring a record player in the first place if you’re not going to play a vinyl record on it. When it comes to sound quality, nothing beats listening to an entire record collection on an optimally tweaked turntable. Even a high quality digital file cannot compare to what a high end record player can potentially produce.